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Six Stories You Can Drink
Real People. Real Terroir. Real Brands.
Featuring Clonakilla, Domaine des Marrans, Dr. Loosen, McIntyre Vineyards, Tapiz, Quinta de Ventozelo.
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Quality Wine In Smaller Bottles
We Collaborate With Amazing Brands Around The World
A high-quality experience that celebrates the diversity of wine regions and the pleasure of drinking only good wines that come with unique stories. ​
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Share Your Love Of Wine
Different gift cards to help you send your gifts on time!

Monthly Webinars

Tune in to our monthly webinar with Master Sommeliers Evan Goldstein, Madeline Triffon, & Tim Gaiser. You don't need to have a kit to join. But of course, everything is more fun with wine so order asap!

How Will I Master The World Of Wine?

Master the World empowers wine professionals and enthusiasts. No matter where you are in your wine journey, we can help you hone your tasting skills and grow your wine knowledge.

Watch How It Works

Here's a video to explain how to use our kits and why blind tasting will help you hone your tasting skills.
"I’ve tasted through a few Master the World kits, and it’s a humbling experience. Ultimately, though, the point isn’t to validate your impressions of wine against those of a few people with red pins on their lapels. The goal is to learn what to look for while tasting high-quality, representative wines from around the world so that you can appreciate the variety and nuance wine has to offer."
Holiday Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers
Jordan and Danica
I just placed the order for that second webinar kit. We're excited to share with our family. Thank you for organizing this and opening it up to non-somms! I can't say I've looked at everything but many of the classes I've come across haven't had the depth that we came across from just that last class. It seemed like other classes we've tried have been pretty low depth and just a venue for people to taste but not dissect a wine. It was great to hear professionals talk through how they taste, share their knowledge, and also be welcoming to questions.
Scott S.
I do like the 187ml bottles. They give me plenty of wine to taste on my own in advance of the presentation, then taste during the presentation, and have some left to just enjoy without 'contemplative pressure' afterward."
Jim Rollston
"Master The World is a great product. The wines were really well-selected and showing beautifully."
Manresa Restaurant | CA
Master Sommelier & Wine Director
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"Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or just some bright spots to get you through the winter, these companies deliver straight to your door. Designed as an educational aid, each of the selections is chosen for its typicity by a panel of sommeliers; monthly webinars offer a chance to taste along with three Master Sommeliers."
The Goods - Gifts For The Holidays
Eric Corcoran
"Great to be able to hone your palate on quality, representative wines, curated by a Master Sommelier! Trying wines through Master The World introduces us to new wines we might not usually spring for."
Boston | MA
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"It’s a way of experiencing a glass of wine without external context. The drinker and their senses—that’s it. Clues are gathered by what one sees, smells and tastes. And actually, this is something anyone can do. Here are five tips to explore blind wine tasting in your home, light on pressure, heavy on enjoyment."
5 Tips For Blind Wine Tasting
Tristan Dyer-Kindy
"You have a winning idea here...I have always said that there needs to be an easier, more affordable, & more specific way to learn to taste wines. You hit the nail on the head."
Vino Volo | Nationwide
Wine Director
Chris Dooley
“The descriptions and rationale are concise. The length of this tasting portion is well thought out and not too intense.”
Eleven Madison Park | NYC
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"Blind tasting wine—sniffing and sipping with no other information than whether it’s white or red—is humbling. It’s also irresistible ... Now there’s a way to find out. Master the World is a monthly subscription blind-tasting kits, newly available to wine enthusiasts with any level of tasting experience (or lack thereof) ... in praise of the program, over the course of the Master Somms’ explanations of why each wine wasn’t the other choices given, I came out substantially enlightened about tell-tale characteristics of varieties and regions."
Jerry Kim
"I had an awesome experience today that I wanted to share with you today ... we did a blind tasting of seven wines. I immediately felt comfortable verbalizing the grid and confidently said the structures. One one of the wines, I nailed the varietal, location and the vintage ... thanks to the previous kit, I couldn’t forget the floral aromatic the wine had. Your monthly tastings are really helping me a lot - thank you!!"

Discover New Wines

Hone your palate with premium bottlings from iconic regions around the world.

Quality You Can Trust

Exemplary fine wines selected by Master Sommeliers and checked for flaws before bottling – No plonk here!

At Your Own Pace

Time yourself on the flight or taste one wine at a time. Master the World is suitable for any level of learning.

Convenient Delivery

No need to decide between shelves and shelves of wines. Kits are shipped directly to your doorstep.

Buy Single Kits or Subscribe.

How Does Our Subscription Service Work?


Save 10% when you select to be billed monthly. When you subscribe, we will include ice/fast ship upgrades as needed during the summer months, so you will be saving even more and getting your kits faster! 


Each kit is a curated selection of six 187ml bottles of wine with a tasting mat and instructions. Plus, we hold tastings monthly so that you can either attend live or view a recording with your kit.


Set up your tasting flight, taste the wines, and improve your palate…one kit at a time! Get introduced to new wines – new varieties and new regions that are hand-selected by our master sommelier panel. Join our club now.

Find The Wine Experience That Suits You

A La Carte

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No Monthly Commitment
Ground Shipping Included
Comes with Recording
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Save 10% Per Kit
Ships For Monthly Webinar/Recording
Shipping & Ice/Summer Upgrade
Cancel/Hold Anytime

Textbook Wines

MS Madeline Triffon's Picks


per 12 X 187ML BOTTLES

Two-Kit Set with 12 Rotating Selections
"Classics" of Specific Varieties/Regions
"Testable" Wines For Certifications
Ground Shipping Included - Always!

Limited Edition & More Educational Kits

Studying for a certification exam and interested in joining the Master the World study group to get extra kits?

Plan a private party or corporate team event with Master The World.

Frequently Asked Questions

When afternoon temperatures get in excess of 80°F, your wines can be damaged as a delivery truck’s internal temperature can heat up quickly. Please protect your wines by expediting to airship. For subscribers, we automatically upgrade your shipment to next day, two-day and/or add ice, depending on the destination. 

If you live in excessive heat of 90° or more, and where the driver will not drop for an hour or longer on the driver’s route, you can further protect your wine during “the last mile” by requesting that your wine be dropped off at the nearest UPS Access Store for you to pick up within 5 days. This way, you can optimize the temperature conditions to ensure your wines are well-protected.

If you do not upgrade, we reserve the right not to ship until conditions improve. We are committed to your experience of tasting the wines at their optimum quality.

Great news is that your monthly subscription wines will receive a complimentary airship upgrade when we see that the weather is heating up at the delivery location andor through the shipping routes. We pride ourselves in getting your wines to you without heat damage.

For non-subscription kits including WSET, CMS and Custom Kits, please choose expedited shipping at checkout.

If you do not upgrade shipping when necessary, we reserve the right not to ship until conditions improve. 

You love wine. It is your passion. You just wish you could go further and learn about new regions, new grape varieties. Or maybe it gets deeper than that: you need to pass a wine certification exam to get ahead in your career, or you want to impress your wine-loving boss. Master the World empowers Wine Professionals & Enthusiasts to improve their palates and grow wine knowledge. Our tasting kit will help you organize your tasting experience to allow you to evaluate wine, understand what you’re drinking and articulate what you like and what you know.

The MTW blind tasting wine kit is delivered to your door. When ready, sign into your MTW account, taste the wines in your kit, and record your observations in the MTW online evaluation tool. After that, look forward to receiving instant feedback on the identity of each wine, and compare notes against those of a panel of Master Sommeliers. We call it “Pour. Taste. Reveal.” Each month you are also invited to join our MTW community webinar, including a live discussion with fellow tasters and a panel of Master Sommeliers.

Yes!! If you’re a passionate enthusiast, these kits help you explore a range of “classic wines and grapes” and take out the guesswork about benchmark examples for reference – that’s what we do in our selection process. And more importantly, it will be FUN. This is also a great way to enjoy world class  wines and discover new favorites from palates you can trust. 

Yes!! If you are a wine professional, think of this as wine “navy seal” training: Our goal is to help you improve your tasting skills by providing curated wine kits that you can test yourself against, and receive immediate feedback on how you fared against the findings of a panel of Master Sommeliers.

Each kit is a curated selection of six bottles of wine, with a tasting mat and instructions on how to use our site/app to evaluate these wines. Each bottle is 187 ml, which is about 6.3 fluid ounces. Wines that are benchmarks of the regions and varietals they represent are selected by our panel of Master Sommeliers. We re-bottle into these 187ml bottles through an anaerobic (oxygen-free) process to maintain the quality of the wine. These are premium and super premium branded wines, not bulk wines and once you submit your deductions, we reveal the full identities of the labels so it will be an open, honest process. The bottles are sealed with screw caps for freshness and convenience – no corkscrews needed.

Even though the identities of the wines are masked by sleeves, the identity of each wine is on the bottle’s inner label – so at any point, if you want to stop guessing, click for an online reveal or just rip the sleeve off. We NEVER use bulk wine but are actually re-bottling branded 750mls into 187mls from an anaerobic wine transfer process. These are world class wines selected by a panel of Master Sommeliers.

Our panel, led by Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein, meets and tastes regularly to determine the best examples of wines by grape, country and region. We evaluate many more samples than you might believe to curate and purchase “benchmark” selections to share with you. Rest assured that your experience is our #1 priority and we scrutinize and choose the wines based on their being signature examples of what they are.

This is not a timed exercise, unless you want it to be. We do not expect you to knock out each wine in four to five minutes. Take as much time as you would like or use a timer if you want. Your first two wines will start out a little slower, but as you become accustomed to the scoring grid, your evaluation will speed up. Most people tell us somewhere around 15 minutes per wine is where they start. And know that you can always change your mind until you hit “submit.”

Once a benchmark wine has been selected, we “map” and create an answer key for the wine. Your deductions are scored against our observations. Note that while several elements are absolute (the dryness or sweetness of a wine, its color, or the elements of structure such tannins, acid, and alcohol), others are more subjective. The three descriptors you may choose for aromas/flavor may come from a slightly larger matrix of terms we have approved. After all, one person’s peach may be another’s nectarine!

The lists of fruit, floral, oak, spice and other such descriptors were assembled, by category, as an accepted matrix of the most frequently referenced/used terms for each. While inevitably not 100% exhaustive, they are comprehensive. If you believe that there are any terms missing from our lists, please let us know. We’ll evaluate and possibly add it to ours. 

We will be adding education content frequently to our Webinar & Education section where you can find our monthly webinars, blog posts and videos. We will also be adding a premium service to our site where you can schedule a chat with a Master Sommelier for additional coaching. Also, you can count on us to add “geeked-out” thematic kits, such as Terroir-focused comparatives or vintage verticals of world class wines.

You can reach us at . We strive to respond within 48 business hours. If you need to leave us an urgent message, you can also call 415.683.0696. 

If you have just placed an order, please note that it takes up to 7 days to process the order before shipping. Depending on your choice of shipping, your order could take up to 7 days to arrive on the east coast from our winery in Healdsburg, California. We are not open to will-call or self pick-up orders at this time. 

We usually ship via UPS to most US states except for the following: AL, AR, DE, KY, MS, RI, SD and UT. We can also ship to AK, HI and some international destinations for an additional charge – Please email us at for AK, HI, and international locations. This ship-to list is updated as we grow as a business or as state laws change. Please check back for updates. We are not able to ship to a P.O. Box in any state or country. 

Your order may be placed on a weather hold if the weather conditions at our winery or your destination are not conducive for wine shipping. During the summer, we negotiate for lower air shipping rates so that you can upgrade your shipping or we can provide a way for you to hold your packages at our warehouse until you are ready to receive the shipment. 

We can only sell wine to persons who are at least 21 years old. At time of ordering, the person ordering will need to provide an accurate birthdate. Additionally, an adult of at least 21 years old will need to sign for the package and must be ready to show proof of age. Business addresses are preferred to ensure delivery on the first attempt. If you would prefer that we ship to a UPS select location, please email us at and we can arrange that to ensure delivery success. Please note that there will be a re-shipment fee of $40 if a package is returned to us in the event that it could not be delivered due to failed delivery attempts. 

If you are a monthly subscriber, please cancel before your monthly renewal date. You can cancel at anytime. Once your monthly subscription renews, and your order has shipped, we will not be able to refund your order for that month. If you run into any issues, please do reach out to us via email at or call 415.683.0696.

If you are an annual subscriber and pre-paid for the 12 shipments, you will receive all 12 monthly shipments at the best rate. In canceling your subscription, you will not be charged again when the annual subscription ends. 

If you are trying to cancel an order you just placed, it is possible that we have not processed your order yet. Please email us right away within 12-24 hours and we can try to stop the processing of your order. Please email us at for faster service. 

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