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The live webinar for Kit 134A will be Monday, September 19th at 1:00 PM PST. No purchase is necessary but a blind tasting is always better with wine kits! Register to attend live here.

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All of our webinars are recorded for you to view and enjoy on demand! Here’s one we recently published with an exciting lineup of six wines for your viewing pleasure! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get notified when a new video arrives. On YouTube, you will find “Chapter Markings” to fast forward to the wine you want to taste. 

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Interested in getting Master the World kits for your group or event? We have group sales for groups of 10 or more people. Host your own or get one of our sommelier instructors as a special host! 

Kit Videos & Webinars

Monthly Webinar 130A

Our monthly webinar is a great way to meet your MTW wine community and learn from some of the industry’s best!

August 21, 2022

Kit 133A

July 21, 2022

Kit 132A

June 23, 2022

Featured Video

June 20, 2022

Kit 131A

May 23, 2022

Kit 130A

April 19, 2022

Kit 129A

April 15, 2022

Kit 222C

March 15, 2022

Kit 127A

March 2, 2022

Kit 126A

January 24, 2022

Kit 125A

December 15, 2021

Kit 124A

November 19, 2021

Kit 123A

October 29, 2021

Kit 122A

September 16, 2021

Kit 121A

September 14, 2021

Kit 120A

July 16, 2021

Kit 119A

June 24, 2021

Kit 118A

May 19, 2021

Kit 117A

May 3, 2021

W&S OR Pinots

April 21, 2021

W&S CA Pinots

Wine Education

The Art of Smelling

Do you know what Master Sommelier Tim Gaiser means by “Glassware Stance?” Learn how to get the most out of your wine’s aromas in a glass from the expert on wine tasting. Tim's techniques are effective and detailed, and ...

Assessing A Wine’s Structure

Structure in wine is important--really important. By structure I mean the levels of alcohol, acidity, phenolic bitterness (white wines), and tannin (red wines). Personally, I think a wine’s structure is its very bones. It also speaks to grape variety ...

Group Orders

We would love to help you host a fun and educational wine tasting. From themed kits, to sommelier hosts, corporate events to personal tasting groups, let us know how we can help you get together and go through a unique wine experience together!

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