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The live monthly webinar for Kit 156A will be Friday, July 19, 2024 at 1:00 PM PST. No purchase is necessary but a blind tasting is always better with wine kits! Register to attend live here.

And if you miss the live session, check back here for the recording.


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All of our webinars are recorded for you to view and enjoy on demand! Here’s one we recently published with an exciting lineup of six wines for your viewing pleasure! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get notified when a new video arrives. On YouTube, you will find “Chapter Markings” to fast forward to the wine you want to taste. 

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Holiday 2023

Interested in getting Master the World kits for your group or event? We have group sales for groups of 10 or more people. Host your own or get one of our sommelier instructors as a special host! 

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Kit 155A

Our Monthly Webinar kit is a great way to meet your MTW wine community and learn from some of the industry’s best!

March 21, 2024

Kit 153A

February 23, 2024

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January 30, 2024

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December 20, 2023

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November 22, 2023

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October 30, 2023

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September 21, 2023

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August 30, 2023

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July 25, 2023

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June 20, 2023

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May 25, 2023

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April 27, 2023

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March 20, 2023

Kit 141A

February 28, 2023

Kit 140A

February 28, 2023

Kit 139A

December 19, 2022

Kit 138A

November 25, 2022

Kit 137A

October 28, 2022

Kit 136A

October 21, 2022

Kit 135A

September 27, 2022

Kit 134A

Wine Education

How to Make A Holiday-Worthy Wine List?

Get holiday pairing tips from Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein and download a helpful wine & food pairing guide.

Holiday 2023

We would love to help you host a fun and educational wine tasting. From themed kits, to sommelier hosts, corporate events to personal tasting groups, let us know how we can help you get together and go through a unique wine experience together!

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We would love to help you host a fun and educational wine tasting. From themed kits, to sommelier hosts, corporate events to personal tasting groups, let us know how we can help you get together and go through a unique wine experience together!

I Am Ready To Sharpen My Senses And Hone My Wine Palate!

Frequently Asked Questions

You love wine. It is your passion. You just wish you could go further and learn about new regions, new grape varieties. Or maybe it gets deeper than that: you need to pass a wine certification exam to get ahead in your career, or you want to impress your wine-loving boss. Master the World empowers Wine Professionals & Enthusiasts to improve their palates and grow wine knowledge. Our tasting kit will help you organize your tasting experience to allow you to evaluate wine, understand what you’re drinking and articulate what you like and what you know.

The MTW blind tasting wine kit is delivered to your door. When ready, sign into your MTW account, taste the wines in your kit, and record your observations in the MTW online evaluation tool. After that, look forward to receiving instant feedback on the identity of each wine, and compare notes against those of a panel of Master Sommeliers. We call it “Pour. Taste. Reveal.” Each month you are also invited to join in a companion MTW community webinar conducted, including a live discussion with fellow tasters and a panel of Master Sommeliers.

Yes!! If you’re a passionate enthusiast, these kits help you explore a range of “classic wines and grapes” and take out the guesswork about benchmark examples for reference – that’s what we do in our selection process. And more importantly, it will be FUN. This is also a great way to enjoy world class  wines and discover new favorites from palates you can trust. 

Yes!! If you are a wine professional, think of this as wine “navy seal” training: Our goal is to help you improve your tasting skills by providing curated wine kits that you can test yourself against, and receive immediate feedback on how you fared against the findings of a panel of Master Sommeliers.

Each kit is a curated selection of six bottles of wine, with a tasting mat and instructions on how to use our site/app to evaluate these wines. Each bottle is 187 ml, which is about 6.3 fluid ounces. Wines that are benchmarks of the regions and varietals they represent are selected by our panel of Master Sommeliers. We re-bottle into these 187ml bottles through an anaerobic (oxygen-free) process to maintain the quality of the wine. These are premium and super premium branded wines, not bulk wines and once you submit your deductions, we reveal the full identities of the labels so it will be an open, honest process. The bottles are sealed with screw caps for freshness and convenience – no corkscrews needed.

Even though the identities of the wines are masked by sleeves, the identity of each wine is on the bottle’s inner label – so at any point, if you want to stop guessing, click for an online reveal or just rip the sleeve off. We NEVER use bulk wine but are actually re-bottling branded 750mls into 187mls from an anaerobic wine transfer process. These are world class wines selected by a panel of Master Sommeliers.

Our panel, led by Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein, meets and tastes regularly to determine the best examples of wines by grape, country and region. We evaluate many more samples than you might believe to curate and purchase “benchmark” selections to share with you. Rest assured that your experience is our #1 priority and we scrutinize and choose the wines based on their being signature examples of what they are.

This is not a timed exercise, unless you want it to be. We do not expect you to knock out each wine in four to five minutes. Take as much time as you would like or use a timer if you want. Your first two wines will start out a little slower, but as you become accustomed to the scoring grid, your evaluation will speed up. Most people tell us somewhere around 15 minutes per wine is where they start. And know that you can always change your mind until you hit “submit.”

Once a benchmark wine has been selected, we “map” and create an answer key for the wine. Your deductions are scored against our observations. Note that while several elements are absolute (the dryness or sweetness of a wine, its color, or the elements of structure such tannins, acid, and alcohol), others are more subjective. The three descriptors you may choose for aromas/flavor may come from a slightly larger matrix of terms we have approved. After all, one person’s peach may be another’s nectarine!

The lists of fruit, floral, oak, spice and other such descriptors were assembled, by category, as an accepted matrix of the most frequently referenced/used terms for each. While inevitably not 100% exhaustive, they are comprehensive. If you believe that there are any terms missing from our lists, please let us know. We’ll evaluate and possibly add it to ours. 

We will be adding education content frequently to our Webinar & Education section where you can find our monthly webinars, blog posts and videos. We will also be adding a premium service to our site where you can schedule a chat with a Master Sommelier for additional coaching. Also, you can count on us to add “geeked-out” thematic kits, such as Terroir-focused comparatives or vintage verticals of world class wines.