This is no ordinary wine club

Here’s the scoop on how it all started.

A trip leading a group of sommeliers through the wine country of Brazil’s Serra Gaúcha was not when one would expect to have an “aha” moment for a new business idea. Alas, that is what happened to our Co-Founder and Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein in February of 2015.

Every morning, Evan watched a New York City sommelier, studying for the tasting section of a prestigious wine certification exam, ritualistically open a set of six crudely-packed mini wine bottles to blind taste, in an effort to train her palate. The wine bottles were packed by a friend back home to help her study. When she finished tasting, she would email home and ask for the wines’ identities to check her deductions. This got Evan thinking: There’s got to be a more effective way to train one’s wine palate, and not just for sommeliers but for all wine lovers.

Fast forward a few diligent years, we have figured out a high-quality production process, subjected it to sensory and lab analyses, jumped through regulatory hoops, created branding and packaging, and developed a wine evaluation tool that has morphed into a unique and effective wine education experience: Master the World.

This is no ordinary wine club – it is a wine club that will empower you to explore new wines, learn how to evaluate them, and decide for yourself what you like. No artificial intelligence telling you what to drink, no gimmicks, no swill.

I Am Ready To Sharpen My Senses And Hone My Wine Palate!

Media & Press

Customer Testimonials

Chris Dooley
“The descriptions and rationale are concise. The length of this tasting portion is well thought out and not too intense.”
Eleven Madison Park | NYC
Jordan and Danica
I just placed the order for that second webinar kit. We're excited to share with our family. Thank you for organizing this and opening it up to non-somms! I can't say I've looked at everything but many of the classes I've come across haven't had the depth that we came across from just that last class. It seemed like other classes we've tried have been pretty low depth and just a venue for people to taste but not dissect a wine. It was great to hear professionals talk through how they taste, share their knowledge, and also be welcoming to questions.
Jim Rollston
"Master The World is a great product. The wines were really well-selected and showing beautifully."
Manresa Restaurant | CA
Master Sommelier
Eric Corcoran
"Great to be able to hone your palate on quality, representative wines, curated by a Master! Trying wines through Master The World introduces us to new wines we might not usually spring for."
Boston | MA
Tristan Dyer-Kindy
"You have a winning idea here...I have always said that there needs to be an easier, more affordable, & more specific way to learn to taste wines. You hit the nail on the head."
Vino Volo | Nationwide
Wine Director
Jerry Kim
I had an awesome experience today that I wanted to share with you today ... we did a blind tasting of seven wines. I immediately felt comfortable verbalizing the grid and confidently said the structures. One one of the wines, I nailed the varietal, location and the vintage ... thanks to the previous kit, I couldn’t forget the floral aromatic the wine had. Your monthly tastings are really helping me a lot - thank you!!

Our Founders

Master The World is a new venture from industry veterans Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein and Limeng Stroh (Co-founder/CEO). Both are long-time business partners in Full Circle Wine Solutions, a leading California-based wine & spirits marketing and education firm. Wine education has always been the focus of their work, with Master the World a natural extension to their professional mission.

Master Sommelier & Chief Wine Officer

and Chief Executive Officer

Our Team & Coaches

Our startup is built by the amazing dedication and strong passion of these individuals. Please meet our team and the Master Sommeliers who taste, grid, and coach. Soon, our Master the World experience will give you the opportunity to book sessions with one of our Master Sommelier coaches.     

Madeline Triffon
Madeline was the first American woman – and only the second worldwide – to pass the M.S. exam. In 30 years of directing wine programs and events in the Metro Detroit area, she has mentored dozens of service professionals. With numerous industry awards to her name, she is currently the in-house Master Sommelier for Plum Market and a Chairman Emeritus of the Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas.
Master Sommelier
Tim Gaiser
Tim is an internationally renowned wine expert and lecturer and was the former Director of Education and Education chair for Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas. Currently, Tim is focused on a long term project involving behavioral and neuro-sciences to teach and improve olfactory and palate memory and synesthesia. He was also the former Director of Education for Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas.
Master Sommelier
Rebecca Fineman
Rebecca is the 25th woman in the USA to become a Master Sommelier. She is currently the Wine Director and Managing Partner at Ungrafted, a restaurant in San Francisco. She has experience with Restaurant Gary Danko, Michael Mina, and Ame restaurant in the St. Regis Hotel. Rebecca studied Music and Anthropology at Pomona College and spent a Fulbright year in South Korea.
Master Sommelier
Vincent Morrow
A love for wine and hospitality, plus a passion for learning, laid the foundation for Vincent’s career from vineyards to fine dining. Vincent worked the floor at various iconic restaurants, including The French Laundry, Gary Danko, and Benu. He has been the USA Champion in the TOPSOMM Young Sommelier Competition and the Chaine des Rotisseurs Sommelier Competition.
Master Sommelier
Andrea Dlugos
Andrea graduated with honors from Santa Clara University with a B.S. in Economics and a B.A. in History. During her 8 years at Full Circle Wine Solutions, she has developed and managed events and promotions for a diverse, global portfolio of clients. Originally from Colorado, she was bitten by the wine bug early while working summers in two wine-centric restaurants throughout high school and college.
Director of Operations
Courtney Denelsbeck
Courtney graduated with honors from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in Public Relations and a cohort in Business Management and Marketing. Located in New York City, Courtney has a diverse background including strategic public relations, event management, and development & execution of US programming for nonprofit wine trade organizations.
Manager of Events and Partnerships
Paige McConnell
Paige graduated from Sonoma State University with a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Wine Business Strategies. She began working in the industry 6 years ago in tasting room sales and management. Paige has been with Full Circle Wine Solutions for 3 years and is thrilled that she gets to create relationships through interactive wine education.
Customer Service & Events Specialist
Hannah Smith
Hannah grew up in the East Bay Area and attended a local community college in Livermore where her passion for wine sparked from taking a viticulture class. She then transferred to and graduated from Sonoma State University with a bachelor's degree in Wine Business. She leads the production of wine kits at the Master The World winery in Sonoma County where she thrives in the fast-paced environment.
Lead Production Coordinator

Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein

Chief Wine Officer

Evan Goldstein calls himself “trilingual x 3:” He “speaks” three languages – wine, food, and wine-and-food pairings – and can do so in three languages to boot – French, Portuguese, and English. An internationally recognized authority and educator, Goldstein is a born teacher who has dedicated his adult life to introducing and sharing with others his passion for wine.

One of just 269 Master Sommeliers worldwide, Goldstein has authored four books, and co-authored several more. He is also principal, with business partner Limeng Stroh, of two companies: Full Circle Wine Solutions (President and Chief Education Officer) and Master the World™ (Co-founder and Chief Wine Officer). This people-person has a warm sense of humor, spreading the gospel of food, wine, and food-and-wine-pairings through “edu-tainment.” According to Goldstein, you should be able to “laugh while you are learning.

Goldstein’s latest venture with Stroh is Master the World™ (MTW). An innovative wine education platform for wine enthusiasts and industry professionals, MTW comprises a blind tasting kit with a companion online evaluation experience designed to increase wine knowledge and train your palate.

Concurrently, Stroh and he run Full Circle Wine Solutions (FCWS), a top California-based wine marketing and education firm. As an “educators’ educator,” Goldstein has access to a huge network of contacts garnered over decades of wine industry experience. He created education programs, wine training and service hospitality schools with Seagram Chateau & Estates, Diageo, Allied Domecq, and Beam Wine Estates.

As a founding board member for the Court of Master Sommeliers, Goldstein, for the last 30 years has been training and examining candidates. Goldstein passed the prestigious Master Sommelier examination age 26 in 1987, just the eighth American to do so and youngest ever at the time.

Goldstein’s formal wine and food education began at age 19, working in the kitchens of Restaurant Le Saintongeais and the Hotel Lancaster in Paris, Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley, and Chez Panisse Café in Berkeley, California.

In 1984 Goldstein joined his mother, chef, and author Joyce Goldstein, in opening the celebrated Square One where, as sommelier, his wine lists received myriad awards. Together, they went on to co-author Wine and Food Pairing in the Williams Sonoma Lifestyles series (1999). Once bitten by the writing bug, Goldstein wrote the critically acclaimed Perfect Pairings: A Master Sommelier’s Practical Advice for Partnering Wine with Food followed by a sequel and a book on South American wines.

Today, Goldstein continues to spread the gospel of wine and food. He has been included twice in’s “Top 100 Most Influential People in the U.S. Wine Industry,” starting with the debut list released in 2013, and again in 2018.

Does this expert rest on his laurels? Not a chance! With new vintages, new regions, an industry that is constantly changing, you are constantly confronted with “I didn’t know that.” Wordsmith Evan Goldstein calls it being “Wine’s humble servant.”

Limeng Stroh

Chief Executive Officer

Limeng Stroh takes an idea and turns it into a successful company. A born entrepreneur, Stroh thinks big and rolls up her sleeves to achieve the necessary to get a company off the ground. As an equally effective leader, Stroh then sets about growing that company for long-term success.

Stroh heads two wine-education-based companies with business partner Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein: Full Circle Wine Solutions, a top California-based wine and spirits marketing and education firm, and now Master The World™, an innovative wine education platform that equips users with an array of tools to enhance their tasting skills and their wine knowledge.

Founding Full Circle allowed Stroh to leave the corporate world behind. Stroh designed the company architecture from the ground up. Goldstein supplies the finest in wine education. Twelve years on they have organized and conducted close to 1,000 wine events on behalf of world-class regional and national wine organizations. In 2015, they launched their own industry symposium, the Full Circle Beverage Conference. This annual three-day event draws key buyers from around the U.S. for seminars hosted by Master Sommeliers and other leading industry experts.

Stroh’s latest venture with Goldstein, Master the World™, delivers the finest in wine education, teaching people how to taste and evaluate. From product development to compliance, she worked on every aspect. Stroh’s experience in distribution, sales and marketing, plus a willingness to get her hands dirty, and can-do-attitude as “encourager-in-chief,” all were critical to bringing concept to market.

During time together as colleagues at Beam Wine Estates/Allied Domecq Wines USA, Stroh and Goldstein fast developed an understanding as to how education helps marketing boost sales. This insight became the inspiration for Full Circle Wine Solutions, founded in 2008.

After earning an undergraduate degree in biology at Duke, Stroh was recruited to join Gallo’s prestigious Management Achievement Program. A superb cross-functional foundation was the result, from sales to international marketing to supply-chain forecasting and web business development. Later, at PepsiCo, Stroh deepened her strategic planning skills After earning her MBA from Harvard in 2003, Stroh relocated to the West Coast. There she worked at Beam Wine Estates/ Allied Domecq, rapidly ascending the corporate ladder to Group Marketing Director, managing some of the company’s valuable brands, accounting for almost three million cases of wine and 85% of company profits.

Stroh’s interest in wine developed during her years at Gallo. Her food palate, however, was cultivated from an early age, thanks to growing up in Singapore, which is famed for its cuisine. Today Stroh lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and her two daughters.