Maximizing Your Kit

So you made the investment to experience the MASTER THE WORLD blind tasting kit and education platform… how do you make the most of it? Here are my personal tips on how to make it a rewarding and fun process for you!

This lineup has been curated for a unique and focused tasting experience to develop your palate while honing your skills in evaluating wine. Whether timing yourself or tasting leisurely, the goal of this six-wine journey is to assist you in your quest for self-improvement in wine appreciation.

Here are my SIX TIPS to maximize your SIX WINE Master the World journey: 

  1. Read the POUR-TASTE-REVEAL instructions on the inside cover of the box/tasting mat before you embark.
  2.  After you log in, review the evaluation sheet for the first wine from top to bottom before starting to taste so you will know what to look for.
  3. Setup for success includes having 6 clean wine glasses, pouring wines at optimal temperatures. Here are some temperature guidelines: 49-55°F for chilled whites and 60°-65°F for reds.
  4. Let the wines breathe. Wines should sit in glasses for at least 15 minutes before you taste. Swirling will also introduce more air into the glasses.
  5. Do one wine at a time if you are just getting your feet wet. Once you get used to the evaluation sheet, you will be able to taste and work faster.
  6. Don’t finish your wine during the evaluation. Save some for when you reveal the wine identity and your results. This way you can taste the wine again with the answer key prepared by our panelists of three Master Sommelier tasters.

Hope these tips will help you! If you feel lost in this new (and intense) way of tasting, remember that WE ARE A CLICK AWAY. We appreciate your support, so let us know how we can answer any questions or build a stronger experience for you by contacting

Thank you for purchasing Master the World and training your palate, one sip at a time.

Cheers to your success,
Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein