March 31 Newsletter

Our March 31 news email about upcoming events, kits and new a blog post. We're thrilled to announce that the Wine & Spirits Top 100 Pinot Noir Kits are now on sale! This set of twelve 187ml bottles will feature six wines from California and six wines from Oregon. A physical copy of April's Annual Restaurant Poll issue, as well as a three-month digital subscription to Wine & Spirits Magazine, are included.

Tawny Port vs. Sauternes Charoset Challenge

Every year our family celebrates Passover in the Spring, and one of my favorite dishes to make during Passover is Charoset. About a decade ago, we started “fancying up” our Charoset with a bottle of Quinta dos Canais vintage port that I got as a gift. The resulting Charoset was so delicious that we swore off ever putting bad wine or kosher grape juice into our recipe ever again. This year, armed with inventory from Master the World, we added yet another twist.